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Esther’s Palace is place of restoration for pregnant women, single mothers, troubled teenagers, and women from all walks of life.  Esther’s Palace was founded by Reverend Loren Terrelonge, Co-Pastor of Tabernacle Christian Center Ministries, Inc. in 2007.  Serving our communities for over 25 years in ministry Reverend Terrelonge have counseled many women.  But after the counseling, then what?  Realizing without having a positive outlet, many of these women would return to their previous conditions.  Thus the vision of “Esther’s Palace.”  We believe that each woman has a specific purpose and with love and guidance they can be molded to have character and integrity.  They can become positive role models in the community.

As of this very moment, the people most eager to immediately help teenage girls, single mothers, and homeless women are the pimps and drug dealers.  They camouflage themselves in the form of a father or husband figure which is desperately sought out by women who have not experienced true love. All these violators need are a few days to hook their prey.  
Keep in mind that we are describing women and young girls who have come from dysfunctional homes, abusive households and the confusion of every day pressures.  Isn't it ironic that in the wealthiest nation on earth, the people most likely to meet these immediate needs are pimps and drug dealers?
It doesn't have to be this way, with your help Esther’s Palace can make a difference.  Esther’s Palace is a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization helping young girls and women through tough times.  We will guide them to become enlightened productive purpose driven women in the home, workplace, and community while providing help through our mentoring programs; such as teaching, on the job training, literacy, and nurturing positive support.  Our mission is to restore purpose, vision, and self confidence back into their lives.  We will supply temporary housing and at least one hot healthy nutritious meal daily.

We need your financial support!  One hundred or one thousand dollars may not make much difference in the life of your company, but it will make a world of difference to the lives of those who we are helping. It is our greatest desire to reach as many women as we can with the support of our  community, the  government agencies  and other charitable  organizations. Your monetary contribution will provide the following:   Training * Education * Room & Board * Furniture * Appliances * Clothing * Food * and much more

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teenage pregnancy - Tabernacle Christian Center

Teenage Pregnancy 
Teen Pregnancy has almost become the norm in our society today.  This epidemic  can stem from a variety of reasons.  Some teenagers  
may become pregnant through a long time relationship, as a one night affair or even by rape.

Single Mothers Tabernacle Christian Center

 Single Mothers 
Many women become single moms because of unplanned pregnancy, divorced, widowed, or even abandonment.  Providing for a family can be extremely difficult due to lack of  knowledge and support, little or no income, and many responsibilities.

Widowed Tabernacle Christian Center

Bereavement is a complex state where many individuals find the need for emotional, practical and financial support.   At Esther’s Palace we offer
a variety of support groups to meet
the  needs such as emotional  and practical encouragement.

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